Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.

Maria Sama Ga Miteru



While it’s nice to have manga and anime where some of the characters are gay or lesbian and the rest of the plot is all about saving the world or something, it’s also good to have a manga entirely about the dramas and romances of the lesbian subculture. What better world for this sort thing to take place than an all girl’s Catholic school in Japan? Wow those Japanese must have gotten an interesting impression of Catholic schools! Clearly all the girls at these schools are fondeling each other because certainly at this school it seems none of them are straight at all. The pairings are adorable, the manga is pretty much a page turner, and overall it’s a nice schoolgirl kind of story.

Another really interesting quality of this series is that they kind of deal with the reality of possibibly being actually lesbian instead of going through some schoolgirl phase. One of the characters who is clearly and will always be gay retells her story of falling in love and being heart broken. Eventually her story is followed after she graduates and seems to have found a place of acceptance and a new girl. Coincidentally at the all girls Catholic college right next door!

However the drawback of this series is the other relationships are a little more ambiguous and seem more temporary, as if it were a phase. Also in my opinion not enough kissing or physical romance.


This is also something you can find on Mangafox and lots of Doujinshi out there as well.

Lots and lots of lesbian doujinshi


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