Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.

Lesbians in Osaka

I have been living in Osaka for about 6 months now so I am by no means an expert. From my experiences if people find out you are queer, Japanese or not, they don’t really give a care. There are tons of opportunities to meet women and the Japanese girls are much more open to relationships with foreigners, some even look for it. There is also a growing community of foreigners. So by all means jump in the water’s just right!

I am going to first state that this is an unfinished entry because I think there are a lot more girls things going on in Osaka that I just don’t know about yet. So I will tell you all what I do know and if anyone has anything to add, comment please! The Queer district in Osaka is mainly in Doyamacho near Umeda/ Osaka JR station.


JAKE – Lesbian only bar in Shinsaibashi and Tennoji. FTM is also OK!

Marble – A cozy bar owned by a lesbian. Very low key, mostly groups that know each other come to hang out but you can find some single ladies at the bar ;). Foreign friendly.

Weekly Events

Yume-hachi – Friday night all you can drink get together in Umeda with a small group of girls. Fems looking for boi girls and vise versa is the theme.

Monthly Events

**Many of these events took place in Explosion but with the crazy dance laws they might have moved.**

Lookme – Dance Party at Zing in Doyamacho, near Umeda

Lady Killer – Dance Party

Sista – A dance event where around 150+ girls come to get their groove on. Everyone was really friendly and the place was completely packed despite the new no dancing law when I went. Very foreign friendly. The most recent one was at Village.

Annual Events/ Bi-Annual Events

Kansai Film Festival – End of September in Osaka, mid-October in Kyoto

Kansai Rainbow Parade – November

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  2. Hi, I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your blog and that I have a bar named WaaGwaan in osaka!
    I hope you can stop by sometime:)))
    Actually marble and my bar are in the same building!

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