Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.

Lesbians in Fukuoka

Boy do I wish I knew what I know now back when I was studying abroad in Nagasaki. Everyone, there is in fact a 100% lesbian only bar in Fukuoka! It is called @home. Basically my friend J and I were hanging out in Fukuoka for the nice three-day weekend and we waz like “Where da ladies at??”. So we searched online FOREVER, Google, English sites, Stonewall, Japanese sites, Mixi, Bianbian, ok maybe it was more like an hour before we got to something that was real, and still around. So I called the number they had and a regular who spoke English who was given the phone and kindly directed our cab and met us where the cab dropped us off, what nice service! Also ladies this means that this place is totally DL VIP standards so you really don’t want to miss out. We might have even had to pass an initiation test to make sure we were as gay as we said we were. I am only kidding! Actually the staff and fellow patrons of this little bar were super friendly and welcoming, even if you aren’t as Japanese savvy as a Ni-Q champ. They were also very helpful about other events around the area. For example, there is a biannual dance called CRUSH that is held for fabulous lady folks in Fukuoka. Also there is a weekly networking group of ladies who just talk and chill without alcohol. (I wish there was more stuff like that!) Finally there was another dance going on in Kumamoto in December! So fear not Kyushu expats and queer gals there is a place for you!

@Home – The awesome lesbian only bar

福岡市中央区警固2-18-13 オークビル1 401



Crush – The amazing biannual dance!

Luv Dancin – A dance in Kumamoto and Fukuoka throughout the year!

Comments on: "Lesbians in Fukuoka" (2)

  1. Turtlesoup said:

    Hi there! I wish I saw this earlier! I was in Japan late last year, and of course I had no idea where the clubs n bars were, and no one to ask. 😦
    Your posts are very informative and helpful, as it feels quite intimidating to step into one of these bars for the first time (especially as a foreigner and alone) as I’ve heard that most patrons are regulars/people who know each other. Thanks for putting up this blog and please continue!

  2. I live pretty close to Fukuoka, and I’ll be going there a little often in the upcoming months.

    I want to check out @Home (have been recommended by a few people I met in Osaka)

    Is it English friendly ?

    Is it easy to find for someone who is not familiar with Fukuoka ?

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