Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.

Lesbians in Sapporo



Hey everyone! Sorry for the huge delay in posts. I was contemplating what I should do with this blog now that I am not living in Japan anymore. Anyway, more about that in another post. Down to the important stuff, women… :p

Sapporo city is actually a really great place overall. I was able to enjoy the Snow Festival while I was there as well as almost getting into one of the fanciest onsens in a rural town nearby until they caught my tatoo, sadface.

The lesbian event I went to was called “Hello” and they have many events throughout the year.

You can check them out on twitter:

It is all in Japanese but there are a couple things in English andI know one of the ladies who puts the event together knows English so I would think you could tweet questions in English and get a response. The event was pretty fun and typical for a ladies night. There were about 100 girls, they had a drag show with men dressed as women, and there was one other foreigner there besides myself and my friend which was kinda cool. The music they played was what I would like to call bubble gum electronica. The kind of music I guess you would rave to or bob your head up and down to. They had a couple of remixes of top 40s in there. Everyone was nice and eager to meet new people for the most part and dance with new people. So yes I would recommend going  .

Sapporo also had their own pride parade called “Rainbow March” but it was cancelled indefinitely in October 2013. It was actually the first LGBT parade in Japan. You can read more about it here:

As far as having a continuous lesbian bar, I couldn’t find any myself but I was only there for a week. I expect going to one of the Hello dances would put you in contact with people who would know more about that. The key is to get your foot in the door.

I hope to be posting more soon, thank you so much faithful readers and new comers!



Spin your life.

… into a woman’s arms! This is a twitter-like women only dating app. It
is free to download and shows up in your iphone like so… (there may be
versions for other smart phones but I am unawares!)


Then you can make an account very easily and right away. You can also change your user name whenever you want.


Then browse and read other people’s messages who are near you. As you can see they will even have literally by km how far from you they are. A little


You can follow people, give people hearts, or like people’s statuses. This
can be a great way to meet someone you know is around your area.

Boy do I wish I knew what I know now back when I was studying abroad in Nagasaki. Everyone, there is in fact a 100% lesbian only bar in Fukuoka! It is called @home. Basically my friend J and I were hanging out in Fukuoka for the nice three-day weekend and we waz like “Where da ladies at??”. So we searched online FOREVER, Google, English sites, Stonewall, Japanese sites, Mixi, Bianbian, ok maybe it was more like an hour before we got to something that was real, and still around. So I called the number they had and a regular who spoke English who was given the phone and kindly directed our cab and met us where the cab dropped us off, what nice service! Also ladies this means that this place is totally DL VIP standards so you really don’t want to miss out. We might have even had to pass an initiation test to make sure we were as gay as we said we were. I am only kidding! Actually the staff and fellow patrons of this little bar were super friendly and welcoming, even if you aren’t as Japanese savvy as a Ni-Q champ. They were also very helpful about other events around the area. For example, there is a biannual dance called CRUSH that is held for fabulous lady folks in Fukuoka. Also there is a weekly networking group of ladies who just talk and chill without alcohol. (I wish there was more stuff like that!) Finally there was another dance going on in Kumamoto in December! So fear not Kyushu expats and queer gals there is a place for you!

@Home – The awesome lesbian only bar

福岡市中央区警固2-18-13 オークビル1 401



Crush – The amazing biannual dance!

Luv Dancin – A dance in Kumamoto and Fukuoka throughout the year!

Bian x Bian



Even though I am not living in Japan anymore I like to make sure that this information is still up to date if I can. I recently tried to get onto the site and nothing is there 😦



Here is a website much like Mixi but only for women! You can create a profile just like Mixi and you don’t have to have a Japanese phone email (unlike Mixi >;( ). State your nickname, full name, location, summary, anything you’d like. This is also a great site for events. You can also join groups and meet people that way. This site is only in Japanese but some people might try to speak English to you. Have fun!

I have been living in Osaka for about 6 months now so I am by no means an expert. From my experiences if people find out you are queer, Japanese or not, they don’t really give a care. There are tons of opportunities to meet women and the Japanese girls are much more open to relationships with foreigners, some even look for it. There is also a growing community of foreigners. So by all means jump in the water’s just right!

I am going to first state that this is an unfinished entry because I think there are a lot more girls things going on in Osaka that I just don’t know about yet. So I will tell you all what I do know and if anyone has anything to add, comment please! The Queer district in Osaka is mainly in Doyamacho near Umeda/ Osaka JR station.


JAKE – Lesbian only bar in Shinsaibashi and Tennoji. FTM is also OK!

Marble – A cozy bar owned by a lesbian. Very low key, mostly groups that know each other come to hang out but you can find some single ladies at the bar ;). Foreign friendly.

Weekly Events

Yume-hachi – Friday night all you can drink get together in Umeda with a small group of girls. Fems looking for boi girls and vise versa is the theme.

Monthly Events

**Many of these events took place in Explosion but with the crazy dance laws they might have moved.**

Lookme – Dance Party at Zing in Doyamacho, near Umeda

Lady Killer – Dance Party

Sista – A dance event where around 150+ girls come to get their groove on. Everyone was really friendly and the place was completely packed despite the new no dancing law when I went. Very foreign friendly. The most recent one was at Village.

Annual Events/ Bi-Annual Events

Kansai Film Festival – End of September in Osaka, mid-October in Kyoto

Kansai Rainbow Parade – November

Upcomming Events

Upcoming events!

In Tokyo a girls only Halloween party on October 20th!

In Nagoya a pride parade on October 27!

In Osaka a pride parade on November 10th!

Dear readers,

I know it has been a rather long time since my last post and I am sorry for
that. Many people commented asking about events in various places around
Japan and there is now a very useful website for this. Stonewall Ajet now
has a website that is continuously updated with events and news around
Japan. I started this blog in the hopes to provide an easily accessible
website for anyone wanting information or community in women’s LGBT in
Japan. Unfortunately this sort of endeavor is too much for one person. I
only know about the places I have lived in in Japan and even with that I
have only ever lived in a place for a year. There are people who have lived
and continue to live in various areas around Japan for much longer than I
and have better information. However I am the one who has taken the time to
make a blog. With that in mind I am hoping that this blog can open up into
something that everyone can post on. Even if it’s as simple as finding a
love hotel that didn’t turn you down for being two women,(BTW Hotel Dress
in Namba). The unfortunate thing is that the LGBT community in Japan (even
the world) is very male centered. Over half of all the gay bars listed in
stonewall ajet says male only. This blog is to give queer women a space and
motivation to seek out community. This also applies to transgendered people
FtM or MtF, whether your body is female or your heart is female this blog
is for you.