Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.

Rainbow Parade Osaka


The second I got to the meeting area in Nakanoshima Park, decked in my rainbow stockings and necklaces, I was immediately waved over by a couple of people who I never met with smiling faces. This was the beginning of a four hour journey in the rain from Umeda to Nanba, but all of us were in high spirits.

Everyone got a different colored balloon with the events sponsors on it so that we looked like a rainbow when we walked. The people in the parade were literally a half and half mix of Japanese and foreign. Quite a few expats like myself came from far away for this event.

Now if you are expecting crazy stories of half-naked people falling off floats and having condoms thrown at the crowd watching, you have come to the wrong parade. Unlike the parades I have been to in “boys town” Chicago, this was a pretty silent parade where we just walked, showing our presence to Osaka, some had signs, for about four hours. I am happy to say that I made more friends than I can count from this event alone all with fellow expats. However I will leave you with this scandalous picture that is truly a Japan original…


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