Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.

Out Japan is a site kind of like facebook that is in either English or Japanese depending on which you choose. It’s not very popular and some of the profiles are outdated but if you are patient then it’s possible to make quite a few connections through it.

Utpia Asia is a resource site for pretty much all of Asia but the link I put here is specific for lesbians in Japan. Do not think that their information is complete. It’s accurate for sure but there are lesbian bars in many more cities than they have listed. Which is why I have created this blog in the first place. It is however extremely helpful as it is.

Another very important and continuously updated site is of course the Facebook. Look for the group Stonewall AJET

Who also have a website

English speaking foreigners post events and information on all things queer related (or party related) all over Japan. Even though this us a JET group there are many people including myself who are not JETs but can join the group anyway. Actually you don’t even have to be foreign! Japanese are welcome too :).

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  1. Hi there, first off I wanted to say I’m very happy I stumbled across your blog. I’ll be doing a study exchange in the latter half of this year at Shinshu University, and I’ve been trying to figure out how to not wind up feeling isolated. I’m from the Netherlands so I’ve never really kept my identity as a lesbian to myself, and I’m concerned about having to do that and not having any outlet while I’m in Japan.

    Unfortunately finding any kind of information is haphazard at best, and most of it is geared towards gay guys. I also find getting in touch with Japanese lesbians is extremely hard, and finding gay expats is even worse, so I’m really glad someone’s remedying the situation.

    Secondly, are you aware of the BIANxBIAN SNS ( I didn’t see it mentioned anywhere in your blog and although I haven’t had any luck on there myself, it seems pretty big and active. So it seems like that’d be worthwhile to check out too.

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