Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.

Lesbians in Hiroshima

Oh where oh where are the lesbians at? Oh where oh where can they be?? It’s no lie, if you don’t have a way in the gay community in Japan, unless you are in Tokyo or Osaka, you won’t ever find it. I was fortunate to have met a fellow expat who spent a year and a half looking for the lesbian community in Hiroshima and once she found one place, bam, there were suddenly lesbians everywhere. As far as lesbian bars go, there is no designated place but basically every weekend a particular bar will have a lesbian night and these parties tend to be once or twice a month at the same bar. The way to find out about these places is to get on the email list or painfully search through mixi. In other words if you happen to come accross a place in a average sized city, make friends! They will tell you when the next party is. Other than the three main events that happen every month, there are special one time events that are more like parties than just a lesbian night at a bar. They usually include dinner and nomihodai or all you can drink. Sometimes there is dancing or karaoke, maybe both. Thus far I have gone to two of the three events that happen a month. One of them happens twice in a month so you could say that I have technically been to all the events once. One event called Gou-Temps meets twice a month, usually the 1st and 3rd week of the month on a Sunday night. The other event is call L party, where they used to watch the L word but now that it’s over, not so much. This was actually organized by a mixed foreign/ Japanese couple so they are very friendly to foreigners. Actually Gou-temps is as well. Both events were very similar, just a bunch of lesbians coming to a bar, having some drinks and talking. Everyone talks to everyone and the atmospere is so friendly and welcoming… for lesbians. If you are male you are turned away, which is actually kind of nice. The venues are really nice “hole in the wall” type places with their own drink specials that tasty but not too pricey. There are a couple regulars that come but there are also many new faces as well.


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Comments on: "Lesbians in Hiroshima" (12)

  1. Thank you very much for this. May I email you to find address and date details of when they are opening? I don’t have mixi 😦

    • Hey,

      I would be happy to, but first I would need to confirm that you are in fact female, and interested in women. This is nothing personal, but if I bring someone new into the scene and they are male or just complete bigots, it’s all on me. So if you have facebook or something that should suffice.

  2. Thanks so much for this blog! I’ll be moving to Japan — specifics still unclear — in the fall, and my attempts to find info about gay culture, let alone lesbian culture, have been super frustrating! It’s rad that you set out to target that information shortage specifically.

    If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love your opinion on Tokyo vs. Osaka as a place for an American lesbian to live. Where is there more of a lesbian scene? Where might I expect my short hair and boyish presentation to be less of an issue? I won’t hold you to your answer or anything — I’d just love to get a read from someone more in the know than I.

    Thank you again!

    • Hey I tried to honor your request for more info on a “boyish appearance” in my “Boi Tachi Femme Neko” entry, but unfortunately I haven’t been to Tokyo’s lesbian scene yet… so I will let you know more about that when I do, which will be mid-August for the pride parade there.

  3. Thanks a bunch (again)! 🙂

  4. Thank you for that very informative post. I just have a quick question. You say foreigners, and I think most people in Japan automatically place “American” on that word, yes? Are there any other foreigners, other then Americans, at the events you went to? I’m European, but can speak English so I’m always kind of in the middle. 🙂

    • Yea most Japanese tend to place American with foreigner however not the case here. At the event in Hiroshima the two other foreigners that were there were Canadian and German. At the Kansai film festival there were British, South African, and a variety of others I didn’t ask about. Hopefully that gives you a better picture of who is at these events though Americans tend to make the majority anyway.

  5. I am headed to Hiroshima this weekend… are there any events that are going on? I am missing the big girl party in Ni Chome this weekend and would like to make up for it.

  6. Not sure if that last comment went through but I will be in Hiroshima tomorrow night and was curious if there were any les events going on. And yes I like girls. If there is not an event is there a bar where most les girls hang out at?

    • Your comment went through :). Unfortunately there are no lesbian events going on Saturday night this weekend but there is an event Sunday night at Gout temps. Not sure if you will be around for that…

  7. That is too bad… I leave at 1600 to head back to Tokyo area. If you are ever up there youve got my Twitter…

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