Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.


The best and most populous social network in Japan is Mixi and so it is also the best place to find out about events, concerts, and people. Facebook is also available in Japanese but it never really became popular. A few differences between mixi and facebook are that mixi has a diary option that most people use regularly. In your profile you don’t have the option to list your past employers or education. There is also no option to talk about your relationship status or orientation like there is in facebook. In fact mixi has explicitly stated that their site is not to be used as a dating site. However as you may have guessed many people have worked around this.  What mixi does have is an option to share your blood type and interests, join various communities and search for friends using contacts from various email hosts like google or yahoo. You can also dress up your profile with unique and free designs. The only catch is you have to have a Japanese mobile email to get an account once you have been invited. This was to stop foreigners like me from getting one, well I guess I got the last laugh with that one.

So how do lesbians meet if you don’t have an option to state your orientation? With lots and lots of communities that post events. Just like facebook there are event apps where you can easily make an event and invite everyone you know to. Most of these communities have a introduce yourself page where you can specify your orientation, relationship status and what you are looking for. Most of the events are in Tokyo and Osaka. You can find a couple communities that are specific to other areas but their events and members are consequently fewer. The biggest lesbian community on mixi, “友達募集中!バイビアン♀only” or ” A place to make friends for Bi/ Lesbian women only”. They have sections in their community for all the prefectures so you can meet people within your prefecture, and even city. They post events that take place all over Japan.

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