Detailed information and experiences of lesbian life in Japan.

Hello world!

Before I studied abroad in Nagasaki I had no idea what it was like to be lesbian or queer in general in Japan. I assumed I would run into someone else that was out somewhere in Nagasaki and just kind of pick things up as I go along. I was very mistaken and all too soon did I start to feel like I was “the only gay in the village”. So I started to research where I could meet other queers around me, first in English then in Japanese and there was almost nothing outside of Tokyo and Osaka. Even my straight Japanese friends couldn’t find much information when they helped me search for it. When I came back from my year in Nagasaki, I took a class specifically on queer Japan but to my disappointment most of the information available, which was very little was on gay males. This blog is an attempt to make up for that missing information especially in English so that other queer expats can avoid feeling isolated. Japan is truly a place with a thriving queer community if you know where to look.

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